Battery, Battery Point, or Victoria Beach?

Battery, Battery Point, or Victoria Beach?

Battery Harbour?

According to the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act listing for the Victoria Beach Lighthouse, it overlooks the buildings at Battery Harbour. To the west below the Victoria Beach lighthouse, Battery Point juts out into the ocean from the land, which in turn is slightly to the north of Victoria Beach Road, which in turn passes right past Battery Harbour.

Confusing? It gets better as the Department of Fisheries and Oceans calls the harbour Battery Point Harbour (Victoria Beach) and the harbour and wharf are managed by the Harbour Authority of Battery Point (Victoria Beach). The Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act lists the lighthouse as the Victoria Beach Lighthouse, located at Battery Point, and wouldn’t you know that there is a Battery Point Lighthouse, located on the Battery Point breakwater, at Battery Point at the entrance to Lunenburg Harbour.

Interesting for a history-loving geek with an eye for detail…

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