Lahave cable ferry

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The Lahave cable ferry crosses the Lahave River to connect Highway 331 in Lahave and Highway 3 in East Lahave. It was a nice short cut for me to head from Crescent Beach and onward to Lunenburg and Chester.


The traction cable that the ferry uses to pull itself across the Lahave River

If you have crossed Baynes Sound between Vancouver Island and Denman Island aboard BC Ferries cable ferry, you will recognize the type of cable that is used. Unlike the Denman route, there is one cable instead of three, and the fare is a flat rate of $7 per vehicle.

Yup – just a bit less expensive to cross the Lahave River, and a much simpler, yet just as safe system until a mishap occurs and the ferry heads off downstream. That did happen…


Just about ready to leave Lahave

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