Graveyard of the Pacific

According to legend and travel brochures, there is a wrecked ship for every mile of coast along the Graveyard of the Pacific. Perhaps – I have read several books about shipwrecks along the coast of Vancouver Island, and the list of notable wrecks is quite lengthy.

storms,pacific ocean.juan de fuca,pacific rim,pacific graveyard,Uclulet,Bamfield,Tofino

Other than the development of radar and the establishment of a more robust communication system, very little has changed along this section of Vancouver Island since the days of sail. The rocks and reefs are still there, waiting for unwary or unfortunate mariners to be tossed onto the rocks during a storm.

 storms,pacific ocean.juan de fuca,pacific rim,pacific graveyard,Uclulet,Bamfield,Tofino

It’s hard enough to hike on these rocks in daylight while wearing good boots – imagine trying to do it at night, during a storm, barefoot, after you managed to survive being tossed about by the waves after abandoning the ship you were on me moments before…

That’s not something I would want to do; I’ve had sea survival training and have jumped off of warships in a few oceans on nice sunny and calm days – you realize very rapidly how powerful the ocean is and how insignificant you are.

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