Travelling in style – Delica and Boler

Mitsubishi Delica,Boler 1300,camping,road trip,Highway 3,Crowsnest Highway

Paulson Bridge – Highway 3, aka the Crowsnest Highway

The weather was rather cool and rainy for most of our early summer road trip through southern British Columbia, but we were comfy and dry inside our 13 foot Boler. The fuel consumption of our diesel Mitsubishi Delica L-400 gen II was a bit higher than normal, but it was not bad considering that we were towing 1100 pounds over some really steep passes.

The Delica and Boler make a great camping combo that gives us the ability to sit on the rear of the Delica for a picnic, or hop in the Boler and cook a soup or tea and coffee.

Lot’s of room for camera stuff and that makes me a happy camper!

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